Why should I compost? 

Keeping your compostable materials out of the landfill is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. For more information on the importance of composting check out the links we have provided below under "resources." 

What is "food waste?"

We don't just want your leftovers. We want your byproducts, your apple cores, banana peels, the lettuce that is rotting in your refrigerator. Your leftovers can go in there too, but we want all of it. 

Why would I pay you to pick up my food waste when I can just put it in the trash?

Our model is based around a gap in the waste processing in Tucson. You pay for trash and recycling to be picked up, we are just a service that augments that.

Shouldn't I just compost at home?

We love hearing from people who compost at home, but for many households our service is a great alternative if you don't have space or time to maintain a compost pile.

Can I get some of my compost back?

We do not currently offer a compost return program. As we scale, we hope to be able to offer compost back to our customers.

Where does my food waste and other compostable materials go? 

We have chosen to partner with organizations that address issues related to food equity and conscious consumerism in regards to our food. Current customers compost is given to the Las Milpitas Farm at the Community Food Bank. For more information on Las Milpitas, visit the "resources" page below.